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Mountain Climbing

What Is Enough?

Education to Help You Master the Fulfillment Game: 


6 SHORT VIDEOS (about 20 minutes each) - A look into the heart of how we create rules and then play the game of money, time, and life energy.

You'll learn about: 

  • Your financial goals

  • Your life

  • Consumerism versus citizenship

  • Financial integrity and independence

  • Income and cash flow...

  • Quality of Life

  • Your Money or Your Life

  • What is Enough?

  • Your Stuff

  • Your Life Energy

  • 3 Questions to change your life

  • Progress versus perfection

  • Enoughing!

  • FINite Goals for Saving

The classes can be completed quickly, but it will likely take 30 - 90 days to do all the money awareness exercises.

WIE- Part 1

WIE- Part 2

The Story Of Stuff

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